*COVID-19 UPDATE* I am now able to see clients in person again.  I will still do video call sessions for those that request it. Please contact me to schedule an appointment.  651-777-6536 or kanderson@spaceforhealing.net


Space for Healing offers counseling for Individuals, Children, Couples, and Families.


Individual Counseling - Identifying aspects of your life that you would like to change and/or need support in to create more peace in your life. This could be working through painful past or present emotions, working through anxiety, depression, or trauma. Also establishing boundaries and speaking your truth with others, identifying negative beliefs that are holding you back, learning healthier ways of dealing with emotions to help gain control over emotional eating habits that can leave you feeling powerless over food. Grief can be complicated. I can help you navigate the loss of a loved one and learn to co-exist with grief, to honor the loss you've experienced. The transition to motherhood can often be difficult and anxiety provoking, sometimes resulting in postpartum or baby blues. I am here to support you during the journey through this transition.


Couples Counseling - Teaching couples to build stronger empathy and compassion for one another. One of the most effective ways to do this is by learning a communication tool. This leads to a deeper level of trust which results in deeper intimacy and connection in a relationship. Prepare/Enrich couples assessments are offered.  I have also had EFT externship training.


Family Counseling - Support with parenting by learning how to set loving limits with children to help them learn, while also maintaining a loving connection. Learn communication tools to work through strong feelings that could be getting expressed in a negative way or not at all. Changing the negative family dynamics is the key to connection and peace. I also help step-families with adjustment.